August 7-9, 1997 -- Guangzhou

New Parents!

Lorna Mei has been with us for 2 days now. I can't say we are getting used to her yet, but we are starting to see her likes and dislikes more. She spent a lot of yesterday eating and sleeping. Carol figured out that she likes drinking her bottle lying down in her crib, and will suck down a whole one fast that way, even when she's partly asleep. Some of the other parents have found the same thing, probably this is how they were fed in the orphanage.

So far she doesn't like being on her belly, but I think she's getting used to the idea of more physical activity. She was somewhat reluctant to go to sleep last night, and cried a while in the crib wanting to be picked up - just like a regular baby. Christine thinks it's not a good idea to let her sleep with us in the bed, probably she's right. Certainly Skipper would be pissed. Lorna's cough is almost gone, and Carol gave her her first bath in the sink yesterday. She likes the water, and seemed fine with the whole thing.